Well,well,well... well,well..........WELL

Hi ^^ Tenkte jeg skulle fortelle en historie:

Neh, kommer ikke p noe.

Nyan Cat: Dude, you suck at this.

Barskepus: No, I don't!

Voldemort: Join me, and I will teach you how to make better stories!

Barskepus: No, dude! Why should I join the dark side?

Nyan Cat:
Nobody nose.

Voldemort: Funny! Very funny! -_-

Xenomorph:You got owned, man.

Voldemort: You have no right to make fun of my face, Xenomorph! You don't have a nose either!

Xenomorph: :-(

Dragon: Wow, Voldy. That was cold. Better DRAGON some clothes before I freeze to death.

Voldemort: What's up with all these jokes?!

Barskepus: At least I got something to show on my blog.

Bluewhale: Hey, guys! ^_^

Xenomorph:Whale, whale, whale, look who's here!

Nyan Cat: How's the BLUES going?

Bluewhale: Nah,you know.. Up and down, but I don't follow the mainSTREAM.

Barskepus: Haha, I see what you did there, you told that joke pretty whale!

Bear: HAHAHAHA! Oh, the jokes!

Nyan Cat: Now, Bear, why do you look so exhausted?

Bear: Well, Itried to lift a plane today. Turned out, I couldn't..... BEAR IT!


Alien: I come in peace, dudes. I mean... Earthlings. Greetings there.

Xenomorph: I don't.

Alien: True, you just eat everyone.

Xenomorph: That really hurt my feelings. It was only in those movies. I have my own show, you know! "Cooking With Mister Xenomorph." So I'm not coming in peace, I'm coming with cooking skills!

Alien: I know, man, I know. Aliens are so misunderstood.

Xenomorph: Yeah, dude. Totally!

Dragon: And you mean dragons are NOT misunderstood?

Bear: Or bears? People underestimates our intelligence.. They claim that if they get down on the ground, we think they are dead. And why should they play dead? We're not gonna eat them! -_-'

Bluewhale: Or whales. Why does people make fire inside a whale's stomach? They can just ask nicely! Whales are gentle.

Barskepus: I understand you pretty whale, whale! And I'm a human :3

Bear: You are?!

Xenomorph: You? Human?

Nyan Cat: Good one, dude, lol!

Dragon: He's a human? O_O

Barskepus: Yes, guys, I'm a human.

Bear: We know, dude, we're just kidding xD

Barskepus: Hmmmmmmmm, you suuuure? x3

Voldemort: Just kidding! xD

Barskepus: Alright, dawgs xD Thanks for joining xD


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Julia Neko Chan

05.06.2013 kl.12:25

Whale o_o <3

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Marius Barskepus S. Hansen

Marius Barskepus S. Hansen

19, Fredrikstad

Jeg er en barsk skapning som har uber barske og random fantasier om alt og forbi der igjen =^w^= aw yesh : 3